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Promotional art featuring FMAN, produced for the blog FMAN - Behind The Hack

February May August November Amadeus Hacquer, best known as the acronym FMAN (standing for his original hacking cycle to take place during specific months), is an infamous virus creator and hacker known for attacking Jamaa in late 2012 to mid-2013. He is a red, black, and white coloured wolf with red sclera and no pupils. Many FMAN "clones" (impersonators, also referred to as "FMEN") exist, but only the well-known FMAN122 account has been proven to belong to Mr. Hacquer. The only impersonator suspected of being FMAN is Recycledbeards, as his suspicious behaviour ended in his account's permanent suspension. FMAN is also the subject of many fan-made stories, such as "122: The Story of FMAN."

Awesome Sunnybrave

FMAN's only animal was Awesome Sunnybrave, a wolf and his only given appearance.

Unconfirmed Information (FMAN's Hackery)

"The Evil F" is known for creating the only hackery dedicated to destroying Jamaa. His hackery, supposedly titled FMAN's Hackery, is currently being held in an unknown location.

Disproven Information (FMEN)

All FMAN clones aside from Recycledbeards were proven to be fakes by the FMAN blog.